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Entrepreneur Development Programme -
With the rising growth of businesses especially small businesses and home-based businesses, entrepreneurship development programmes help potential entrepreneurs. The development programmes enhanced and replenished the essential qualities of an entrepreneur such as self confidence, innovator, risk-bearer, commitment, hard work and efficiency.

Entrepreneur and Skill Development Programmes -
Programmes are being offered to students at our centres to help them attain financial individuality. The development programmes enhance the essential qualities of an entrepreneur such as self confidence, innovator, risk-bearer, commitment, hard work and efficiency. The main aim of this programme is helping the youth school-college drop outs, women and a section of illiterates in attaining technical and non technical education to encourage them towards self employment. They not only provide them with self empowerment but also boost their confidence, improve social skills and financial status.

Literacy Drive -
It was an awareness programme encouraging people to acquire basic reading and writing skills in not just the educationally backward sections but it also encouraged students and the youth to read more. Some university professors and teachers discussed the problem of declining interest in reading and literature in today's youth. Free books and library services are in the pipeline to be distributed in coming future.

Remedial Education Centres -
It was an extensive initiative to reduce the number of drop outs and promote further education. Coaching and help is being given to students facing problem is English, Maths and Science. The programmes helped students face their fears. Trainings are also being encouraged in non formal education to those who could not develop an interest in regular school/college education helping them achieve financial and social independence.

Balwadi Kendras/ Pre School Education -
It is a programme about communication in pre school aged children and use of sign language. It brought into notice the lack of communication between children and parents. It brought into notice the need to educate parents over parenting skills and education in family life. The issue of Student Suicides also rose and gave us a platform to organize Student and Career Counselling Programs for students as well as anxious parents.


Women's Legal Rights and Awareness Camp -
IIt was an awareness programme to educate women of their legal rights as given by the Indian Constitution. Women are given a number of rights and privileges yet the problem is of unawareness. Women need to be educated about their rights and where and how to use them. Legal help is also available free of cost at various places. We plan to spread more awareness through our camps and increase their frequency.

Women's Health Issues and Nutrition Camp -
Women are hugely unaware and ignorant about their own health. They should be educated about health ailments and various free medical aids available through the government. The camp was successful in bringing huge number of women, a lot of health issues and concerns were brought up and discussed. The initiative focused on educating women about food and its nutritious value. The focus was on pregnant women, lactating mothers, women labourers and young children. Various food products and their nutritious value were informed to the audience keeping in mind their prices and affordability. The initiative also focused on explaining importance of proper eating habits. The audience mainly constituted of lower and middle class families.

Sexual Harassment at Work -
The initiative was taken after the success of Legal Awareness Camp, the work in its initial stages saw a lot of hesitation and fear to open up. We see a potential in this drive to educate working women of their rights and help them stand against exploitation. Things are being planned and discussed and are in their initial stages.

Development of BPL Women/SC/ST/Weaker Sections/Muslim Women -
Several Programmes are in work to educate and empower women. Some include providing basic education, while some concentrated on enhancing skills and providing basic loans to women to initiate a small start up. Several courses like Beautician courses, Stitching, Making Bags, Jewellery Designing, Fashion Designing and Embroidery to learning basic Computer Skills are in operation. Several more will be started soon.

Domestic Violence -
The programme not only concentrated on discussing the issue rather focused on finding ways to reduce domestic violence and to reach the victims. Domestic violence is an issue of great concern in today's society. Legal, Medical and Special Counselling is being given in slum areas.

Widow -
The awareness programme focused on the huge number of difficulties faced by widows in India. Widows still suffer a lot in our societies and mainly at the hands of their own families. Free Legal advice was given at the camp and they were explained the importance of self sufficiency for themselves and their children. The women were motivated by social workers about life beyond.


Birth Certification -
The birth rates seems to be increasing rapidly in India yet the majority fails to get the birth of their child registered. Birth registration is the first and basic right of a child. The awareness programme was conducted at several places across Delhi and UP covering several slums and colonies.

Nutritional Needs -
TThe awareness programme focused at nutritional needs of young and school going children. We are trying to provide at least 1 healthy meal per day to young children in some slums. We are raising and collecting money to fulfil basic food needs of children.

Child Sponsors -
We are sponsoring children financially and as well as emotionally. At financial level we seek sponsors to fund education, nutrition and health needs of young children. Whereas at emotional level we seek sponsors to spend quality time with children, give them love and help them with their education and studies. Our sponsors come from educated working class to young college students and even stay at home housewives.


Youth Awareness and Social Responsibility -
The youth were encouraged to spend time with the elderly, orphans, slum children and mentally challenged. Visits to slums, orphanages, picnics with meals and snacks, old age homes were organized and turned to be huge successes. The young not only realized their responsibility towards the society but also enjoyed spending time talking, laughing and playing. Along with formal visits and outings, occasional informal visits on weekends or holidays are happening frequently.

Youth Awareness Camp -
The Awareness camp saw diverse audience, ranging from college students to illiterates. Issues of education, unemployment, drug addiction and violence remained the topics in focus. Pamphlets were distributed about various vocational and technical courses run by our society which would self them establish themselves financially and economically. The discussions talked of channelizing the power of youth in right direction for the benefit of the society as well as their own benefits.

Training Programmes for Youth -
Our society runs various short term and long term training programs which vary from a few weeks to 1-2 years. We run over 100 programmes like web designing, receptionist, medical transcription, housekeeping, retail management, mechanic, candle making, computer courses, tour operators, mobile repairing, footwear designing, computer accounting and several more for college students and school-college drop outs. The aim is self sufficiency and increasing employment opportunities.

Road Safety Awareness Camp -
The Road Safety Programme covered increasing number of road accidents and cases of road rage. The Youth often fails to understand the importance of safety and patience. Several discussions and debates were held on the spot. More initiative is being taken in this field to conduct more such drives and spread awareness to bring down road accidents.


Diet and Nutrition Awareness -
The awareness initiative was to spread the importance of diet and nutrition for disease prevention and awareness. The programme targeted all sections of society. Issues concerning high obesity rate, cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer and developing healthier life styles were discussed. Achieving maximum nutritional requirements spending too much was discussed by Diet Specialists.

Awareness on Girl Child -
The programme is working on spreading awareness about the Girl Child. Female Foeticide is still a big problem in India and majorly in North India. Our social workers go and talk to families in their homes and clinics regarding the concern for not just preserving the lives of girls but also giving them a good and health life. The girls also need equal status and good education and nutrition along with love and care of their families.

Physiotherapy Camp -
The camp was organized mainly for the elderly. The necessity for care and support rises in the old age. Patients were given medical attention and free medicine for pain relief. The team included include physicians, nurses, physiotherapists as well as social workers and other professionals. More frequent camps are in pipeline.

Eye Camp -
The Eye testing and check up camp turned out to be a very successful program amassing large number of people. Team of doctors and social workers assisted people through eye check ups and medical advice was given to improve and strengthen eye muscles. The camp was conducted across several areas in Delhi and saw people coming from all age groups.

ENT Awareness -
ENT camp was also organized in some areas with a team of specialist doctors and social workers. The camp amassed a lot of young children. The importance of cleanliness and hygiene was also discussed and communicated to people. People were also educated about immune system and the ways to improve immunity to prevent ear and eye diseases and infections.

De-addiction -
Drug, alcohol and tobacco addictions are very common problems in our society. The de-addiction camp was an awareness initiative where people were encouraged towards healthier lifestyles, medical advice was given on how to overcome addiction and how and where to seek help.

Environment and Sanitation Awareness and Needs -
Sanitation till date remains a major issue in India. Most Indians depend on on-site sanitation facilities. Several deaths every year occur because of unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. The initiative was to spread awareness and increase hygiene especially in slum and backward areas.

Consumer Awareness

Awareness Camp on RTI -
The awareness camp was organized by subject matter experts and social workers to inform public about Right to Information Act and Consumer Rights as given by the Constitution of India. The society needs to be more alert and responsible for overall growth and development of the country. There is a greater need for alertness.

Awareness on Consumer Rights -
The awareness camp discussed the rights and responsibilities of consumers. We all consume products and services in our everyday life but are we unaware and do not want to take initiative before buying any products to find information related to them. The programme discussed proper way of filing complaints and protection offered by the act and legalities involved.

Awareness on Sustainable Consumption -
The awareness programme discussed the duties of citizens/ customers. We all consume without thinking about the poor and underprivileged in our society and end up wasting more than we can consume or require. People were informed to avoid using plastic bags and instead use environment friendly materials such as cloth or jute bags and encouraged to recycle.


Handicraft Training Programmes -
We are encouraging women from backward and minorities in making papad, pickles, making beaded jewellery, candle and diya making, knitting and traditional embroidery work by giving them training, providing them with initial capital investment. The work is engaging and gives them not only self confidence but also financial growth and strength to support themselves as well as their families.

Promotion of Handicraft Items -
We offer product promotions with the help of our team of social workers. We promote products of small scale industries, cottage industries and hand made items like ethnic jewellery, traditional art, hand made candles and paintings, home made spices and help them reach their targeted customers in the course bridging the gap between sellers and buyers.

National Day Celebrations -
We have organized republic day, independence day, children's day celebrations at various slum areas by putting together small street plays, puppet shows, distributing sweets and snacks, flags to celebrate and promote National Spirit in backward areas to help them understand and connect with their national legacy.


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